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This should include answers to questions like (specifically)

Where do we come from : around the globe

How do we perform our jobs

What skills do we posses

Objectives we want to identify bugs as early as possible in the development cycle to give developers time to find a solution and to give less technical testers a better user-experience.

Team Statement (if any)


Mailing List


A short intro and then , Link to Members page (should be sub-page) or connect.o.o .

How to join

This should include answers to questions like (specifically)

Is he/she Eligible to join

Whom to contact regarding the same , (the Team Lead ?) : Holgi/Holgisms/Holger Sickenberg

Is openSUSE Membership required for the task : only for some tasks.

If there are no terms and conditions , then again whom to contact :

Tasks (optional)

Nothing much to describe here. In short , provide a brief info on what tasks the team perform and how .

Test and report bugs on Factory, Milestones and Release Candidates

Currently Working on

Tasks currently being performed to noted here .

Open Tasks

There may be some tasks where the normal contributors can contribute apart from the team Members .

Additions (optional)

Extra links to be posted by the Team